Liposculpture in Medellin

Liposculpture in Medellín

Liposculpture is a cosmetic surgery that helps to get rid of excess fat that doesn’t seem to budge even when you follow a strict diet and exercise regime. The surgery makes small incisions in strategic locations through which intravenous cannulas are placed.

These cannulas are then connected to a suction unit which helps extract the fat deposits into a sterile container. Sometimes liposculpture is used to extract fat from localized areas and add it to other parts of the body to build curves.

The procedure is performed after the administration of general anesthesia and can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of your case. For women, excess fat tends to accumulate around the hips and abdomen, whereas for men, it accumulates around the abdominal area.

Note that this is by no means an easy solution for obesity. For a successful recovery and long-lasting results, you should adopt healthier eating habits and build an exercise regime.

Before you go for liposculpture, discussing your case at length with our plastic surgeons is always recommended. You can visit our facility where we will carefully access your case and determine the most optimum surgery for you!

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  • As a preliminary for surgery, patients are advised to avoid smoking for at least 2 weeks before surgery.

What Is The Difference Between Liposuction and Liposculpture?

Liposculpture can be thought of as a type of liposuction surgery. They tend to achieve the same results but differ in slight remarks. Liposuction tends to contour the body by removing fat from targeted areas.

But in the case of liposculpture, the extracted fat can also be used to reshape the body when added to select places. Liposuction mainly focuses on breaking down the fat and extracting it from your body.

Note that liposuction goes hand in hand with liposculpture if you desire effective results.

In addition to liposculpture, we recommend abdominal marking for those who want a more toned waistline and highlighted abdominal muscles. However, you should have sufficient muscle mass, firm skin, and no excess fat for this to be a success.

Liposculpture: Get The Body You Always Dreamed Of

Before the procedure, we call in our patients for an evaluation appointment to study their case and provide detailed information about the surgery. There are several details that patients must be mindful of when making a decision as life-changing as this one. You may need to stop taking certain medications, avoid smoking, have an assessment by an anesthesiologist, and more.

During surgery, 1-2 cm incisions are made in select areas of the skin where fat is to be removed. A cannula and laser fiber are inserted through these incisions. The laser breaks the fat, whereas the cannula extracts it from under the skin. This way, you can easily remove fat to gain your desired body contour.

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How To Sleep After A Liposculpture?

  • If fat from your body has been injected into the buttocks, you must avoid sleeping on your back for the first two weeks.
  • You should continue to work frequently for short periods to promote blood flow.
  • It may take several days to a few weeks to recover and return to your daily activities. The recovery periods vary on the physical conditions of the client.

How much does liposculpture cost in Colombia? The price for a liposculpture varies from patient to patient according to their specific needs. Luckily, we offer the most reasonable pricing when it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgeries across Medellín. To determine how liposculpture will help you achieve your dream body, reach out to us for your evaluation appointment – at only 250,000 COPs!

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