Laser Lipolysis in Medellin

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction or laser lipolysis is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure that eliminates excess body fat and tissue; it uses laser technology to rapidly dissolve excess fat in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. A fine cannula is then used to suction out the dissolved fat.

The laser in question is a type of cold laser that causes the swelling and rupturing of the adipocytes, or the fat-storing cells of the body. Once the fat cells are broken down, they are easily extracted.

Laser lipo doesn’t simply eliminate the fat; it further tightens the skin by triggering collagen and elastin production, giving your body a toned appearance.

Effective, Safe, and Natural Results

Leave your case in the hands of Dr. Juan David Londoño – the leading plastic surgeon across Medellín!

  • This procedure, like conventional liposuction, is performed under general anesthesia and may take 2-4 hours, depending on your case.

Laser Lipolysis Step-By-Step

During the process, 1cm-2cm incisions will be made at the sites where you have undesirable fat deposits. Next, the laser fiber is inserted under the skin through the incisions. The laser helps break down the fat deposits by targeting the cell membrane without harming any nearby tissues.

Once the fat is dissolved, it can be eliminated by:

  1. Extracting it through a syringe or a suction system attached to the cannula
  2. Allow the fat to be absorbed naturally by the macrophages in the body.

The procedure allows your surgeon to expertly sculpt your desired body shape.

Post-Operative Care After Laser Lipolysis

  • Maintain a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and protein.
  • Avoid fatty, processed and gas-producing foods and drinks.
  • Avoid laying down during the first 24 hours. Instead, rest with your pillow raised and half seated.
  • Take a short walk every two hours.
  • The surgeon will have you wear a compression or surgical girdle to improve circulation and blood flow and promote recovery.
  • Continue to use the post-surgery compression girdle for as long as the surgeon recommends.

Before your surgery, it is integral that you schedule an evaluation appointment with us. It will allow us to carefully assess your case and discuss the most optimum treatment for you. We further provide you with a quote for our services.

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For How Long Should The Postoperative Girdle Be Used?

Your surgeon will provide detailed guidelines on how long you should wear the compression girdle. Generally, it should be worn for at least 24 hours a day for the first 4 weeks. You can then use it for another 6 weeks only at night time. If you notice any excess swelling during the first week, you can reduce the number of hours slightly.

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Benefits of Laser Lipolysis Surgery

Experts note that laser-assisted liposuction can result in tightening of the skin after excess fat removal that would otherwise remain lax after traditional liposuction. Besides this, there are several benefits of this procedure:

  • Mild scarring due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure.
  • Helps stimulate the production of collagen, leading to a firm body shape.
  • Helps mold and style the figure as needed.
  • Provides final results in just 3 months.

Dr. Juan David Londoño is an accredited member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery. His exceptional expertise, client care, and professional support, paired with our state-of-the-art medical technology, help us to sculpt naturally-looking bodies.

We are proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for laser lipolysis across Medellín, Colombia. For more information, schedule your appointment today!

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